Project Name : IVS-GB: Sturts Community Trust
Hosting Organisation : International Voluntary Service Great Britain (IVS-GB)
Volunteer Type : SCI Long-term Volunteering
Project Theme : People with disabilities
Hosting Country: United Kingdom
Start Date : September 1, 2024
End Date : August 31, 2025
Duration : 12 months
Deadline Date : March 1, 2024
Project Languages : English
Location : Ferndown, Dorset
Country Languages : English
Number of Volunteers : 2
Project Description:

We are a Camphill Community that is in the process of transforming but also continues to live as a vocational life-sharing community. A Social Enterprise based around a Biodynamic Farm/Garden and an inclusive Co-Housing Community life-sharing alongside adults with learning difficulties. Our work focuses on caring for our farm and co-producing with those whom we support. We are socially engaged with one another throughout the day including celebrating festivals together. Offering placements to both local and international volunteers in order to foster international understanding.

Work Description:

TYPICAL WEEK: 6 days engaging in community life; 1 rest day free afternoon before and free morning after = 48hr break Includes either free morning or evening + 3/4 sleep-in weekly If we need to respond to unexpected gaps we will adjust week so flexibility and goodwill appreciated.


Age: 19 and above.

VOLUNTEER PROFILE: People who are seeking self-development; interested in ecology; interested in social issues; interested in alternative life-styles; willing to learn; have a good sense of humor; willing to step up and help by being flexible and kind. Must enjoy living alongside persons with Learning difficulties; be a reliable and supportive team member.

Accommodation and Food:

Own room in shared accommodation.
Household cook and eat together + community shared meals and festive suppers.

Pocket Money:

£55 GBP weekly

Visa Info:

You will need to apply for a Temporary Work (Charity Work) Visa, Please be aware that this has replaced the Tier 5 Charity Work Visa. The application fee for this Visa is £298 and you can stay up for 12 months. To apply for this Visa you will need a Certificate of Sponsorship which will be provided by IVS at a cost of £25. 


As part of your Temporary Work (Charity Worker) visa you’ll need to pay a Immigration Health Surcharge if you’re staying for more than 6 months.

Successful applicants who receive their visa will be refunded part of the NHS contribution.

Application Info:

You will be asked to fill in an application form and send a photograph. You should also ask two references to fill in a reference form, then do a
telephone/skype/zoom interview.

We also require a police check and a copy of your passport.