Project Name : Initial school “Madre Nicoletta Gatti”
Hosting Organisation : BVBP
Volunteer Type : SCI Long-term Volunteering
Project Theme : Others
Hosting Country: Peru
Start date: Open
End date: Open
Duration : Minimun time 08 weeks up to 6 months
Deadline date: Open
Project Languages : Spanish
Location : Lima, pachacamac distric
Country Languages : Spanish
Number of Volunteers : 2
Project Description:

The project will contribute to the development of children in their first years of study. The school has 35 children between the ages of 3-5 years, living in poverty situation, the volunteers will support the teachers.

Volunteers also work in the community with children, doing activities that demonstrate the high sense of service, creating coexistence projects that reinforce the lack of values, self-esteem through educational games and dynamics that arouse the interest of childrens.

Work Description:

Academic activities, such as the support in certain school subjects.

Implementing and developing various types of workshops that can develop the children's initiative and creativity.

School reinforcement, recreational activities, such as sports, music, dance and handcrafts.

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12.30 hrs. and 15:00 to 17:00 hr

  • Empathy with the environment where you are,
  • Ability to work in teams,
  • Easy to interact with children,
  • Conditions to work with children,
  • Experiences in artistic and cultural activities (dances, music, theatre, etc.),
  • Spanish in basic Level not neccessary
Accommodation and Food:

The Volunteer will live with a family from the community, and will have three meals a day.


Pocket Money:


Visa Info:

When entering Peru you will have a visa for 90 days, with an extension to 90 more days (not extended), upon request at the Peruvian Immigration office.


The volunteers must contract a travel insurance that covers accidents, loss by theft and health problems during the volunteering period.


390 Euros per month.

Fees Used for:

Which will be used for food expenses, airport pick-up, training in Lima before going to the project, transportation from Lima to the project, transportation from home to the project, materials for the project, administrative expenses.

Application Info:

The application may be accepted at any time of the year and the start of the project between the months of March and December, at any time.